Raw vinyl and drum machines sampled into the MPC2000xl. Processed to perfection and mapped to your favorite DAWs and samplers. 

Snacks From Mars

About Snacks From Mars

Snacks From Mars* is a new series dedicated to creating minimal, easy to digest sample packs that you can easily sort through and feed into your favorite sampler. This short form product line was created in response to COVID-19, as a means of offering sample packs more often, and at cheaper prices.

*We stole the name Snacks From Mars from an older product that has since been discontinued.

Produce an original composition using only the MPC2000 Snacks From Mars for your drum sounds. and enter for a chance to win an MPC2000XL and free samples for life. 

Win an MPC2000xl


Money Back Guarantee

All of our products feature a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, your purchase will be refunded within 48 hours.

Win an MPC and more...

WINNER gets an MPC2000XL, free samples for life, and their composition posted on our website and Soundcloud.


Gritty drums from the 

90s sampler

Comprised of 6x 16hit drum kits and including 29 midi groove files, MPC2000 Snacks From Mars is the perfect treat to feed your sampler if you're looking for the aggressive, tight punch of this classic machine.

We sampled raw vinyl and drum machines into the MPC, clipping, filtering and effecting the sounds, and processing the results with an Overstayer Modular channel.

What you'll get

96x 24bit WAV MPC2000 drum samples

6 pre-mapped drum kit instruments

29 MIDI groove files

77.6 MB Unzipped

Ready for:

Ableton Live 9+ // Kontakt 5.6.5+ // Logic EXS // Maschine 2.6+ // FL Studio // Reason 8+ // Battery 4.1.5+ // MPC Live // MPC X // MPC 1000 // MPC 2000 // MPC 2500 // MPC 5000

The samples in action:

SECOND PLACE gets free samples for life and their composition posted on our website and Soundcloud.

THIRD PLACE gets free samples in 2020 and their composition posted on our website and Soundcloud.